Every year, in October, The Moorings Tortola proudly hosts its Annual Interline Regatta for airline employees and their friends and families. Discover the unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world, bonding under one common interest — sailboat racing and partying! And with over 30 years of celebrating the industry with the kind of people who know how to have fun, 2013 promises to be the best yet! Don’t be left out!

This global gathering is nine unforgettable days sailing the rejuvenating, turquoise waters of the British Virgin Islands. The Moorings Interline Regatta caters equally to the competitive spirit and to those who want to enjoy the daily pace of “island time.” So, whether you’re in it for the structured racing, supporting your favorite airline, or the ideal opportunity to discover why the British Virgin Islands are considered to be the sailing capital of the world, we have something for everyone.

Add to that some of the wildest airline employees on the planet and The Moorings 2013 Interline Regatta will be the hottest boating event to hit the crystal clear waters of the BVI.

Our Yacht and Our Purpose

Our yacht is either a 46 foot Moorings Catamaran or a Voyage 520 Catamaran and we comprise the non-racing component of the regatta - the party boats.   WE DO NOT RACE. Indeed, we sail, surf, ski, scuba, snorkel and explore the islands and party. It is like “Spring Break for Adults.” We have a large enough armada of party boats that we host our own “private” parties that are every bit as successful and fun as those sponsored by The Moorings. 

If you are interested in being part of our fun crew for the 2013 Interline Regatta please contact Bobbi for information and rates. Those who have attended the “Regatta”, as it is known, describe it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In our case, we replicate that experience year after year. Our boats fill fast so I encourage you to make reservations early in the year. Typically by the end of March we are full. It is an amazing 9-day party with some of your closest airline friends from around the world.

2013 will mark the 32nd year of the Annual Interline Regatta and there are special events and parties anticipated. There are theme costumes parties almost every night, beauties on the beach and good times cruising with the CAAts.

Don’t miss the boat for the time of your life!

The Interline Regatta Charter:

This charter done at near cost so the savings to individuals for an all-inclusive bareboat vacation are phenomenal. Our charters remain the least expensive yacht charter with the highest quality at the Interline Regatta.

Working Together To Have Fun

We strive to help one another and share in all shipboard duties. We will teach you everything you need to know about handling the yacht if you are new to yachting. We are the working crew so we sail, we clean the boat, we prepare our own meals, and we fix our own cocktails (at our open bar). Everyone is expected to “chip in” and help with the normal daily duties required to make passage. You become part of our sailing family. Normally, the daily duties are minimal and the partying is maximum.


The cost estimate for the entire 10 days is less than you would pay for a comparable all-inclusive vacation in the BVI. For planning purposes you can estimate less than $2,000 per person for the entire 10-days. This cost estimate includes the yacht rental, a standard compliment of food based on 3-meals per day and a standard order of liquors and beer. If consumption exceeds the standard supply then extra fees for replenishment apply.


You must be an airline employee, family or friend of an airline employee to qualify for the discounted rate associated with this type charter. This is done as a courtesy to my fellow airline employees. It is my way of giving back to the best flight crews and airline staff I ever could have imagined. My heart is still in the air with you all even though I am cruising at 8 knots instead of at .84 Mach. Life is good!  Captain Bobbi

To Sign-Up for the Annual Interline Regatta please call Bobbi at 1-512-705-1167.

Stray CAAts

Annual Interline Regatta - Tortola, BVI


October 15, 2013 - October 24, 2013